Classic Barre

This is an extreme fitness method founded on the technique of dance, the mind body aspect of yoga, and the precision and core integration of Pilates. This class produces lengthening and chiseling results fast using small isolated holds with tiny movements and tremendous mental connection. Expect an extreme challenge and prepare to leave feeling calmly energized with this hands on personal group training session. Classic Barre is a great class if you are new to barre.

Bootcamp Barre

Boot Camp Barre uses the classic foundation of Classic Barre combined with cardio intervals. This program relies on high intensity interval training, which has been proven to burn fat faster than sustained endurance training, making it suitable for ALL fitness levels. Boot Camp Barre will shake up your workout! This class is the most fun & effective way to burn fat, lose weight and change your body.

Tabata Barre

Rev up your metabolism, torch calories & burn serious fat with this Tabata style boot camp class which combines classic barre exercises with short bursts of cardio; 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes. As we say in class, "You can do anything for 20 seconds!" This class works every muscle & you will leave feeling worked and refreshed. Please bring water & a will sweat!

Bootcamp Express & Tabata Express

These are slightly abbreviated versions of our Tabata and Bootcamp barre classes. They pack all the punch of a regular hour long class into 45 minutes.

Advanced Barre

Follows the same format as our Classic Barre class, however Advanced Barre will challenge you with longer holds, deeper positions, quicker transitions & advanced moves. Advanced Barre is not suitable for beginners.  (Advanced moves are sometimes taught during any other classes that have mixed-level clients to more advanced clients per teacher's discretion.)


Fire is our toughest barre class. It relies heavily on the client's proven technique, flexibility & strength. Full range of motion moves, quick transitions, elements of cardio and advanced dynamic stretching. Prepare to shake and burn! A minimum of at least 10 barre classes is required before entering this class.

tap n' pow{h}er

tap n’ pow{h}er, a balance fusion class, is designed to shape, tone and elongate while delivered with messages of empowerment. It is an extremely form focused method based on 25 years of dance research and experience, and over a decade of mind body fitness study, training, and master instruction. Combining rotational, linear, isometric, range of motion and compound movement, tap n’ pow{h}er takes you on a challenging and empowering journey unlike any other. The structure of tap n’ pow{h}er takes a thoughtful approach at building deep muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and alignment to women’s bodies.

Buti Yoga

The only way to transform your body in a sustainable way is to fall in LOVE with your workout + wellness lifestyle.  Buti Yoga isn't a workout - it's a chance to create - let go - connect and sweat with intention.  Every time you step on your mat, you have a chance to break through the emotional or physical barriers that set you free.  This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio intensive tribal dance + body sculpting movement.  Created by celebrity trainer, Bizzie Gold, Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt + tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body.  Instead of linear movements, Buti favors movements that challenge the body along all planes of motion - THE RESULT - long, lean muscle with sexy feminine curves. (Our Buti Yoga classes are reserved for women only.)

Barre Blessings

Prepare to be uplifted and inspired in this Classic Barre class taught to the beat of powerful worship music. Strengthen, stretch and tone. Leave feeling stronger in body, mind and spirit. The perfect way to wrap up your week and prepare for the weekend.  (Currently a pop-up class.  Watch for it to spontaneously "pop-up" on our schedule!)