Precise form is essential to achieving optimal results; thus, our instructors are highly trained to correct and refine your positioning during each workout.

All of our instructors are barre certified by BarreAmped.  This method is an intensive body shaping experience designed to produce reliable results, no matter the client. The method is influenced by classical and modern dance (though it is not a dance class) and utilizes a barre to achieve optimal positioning. Insights from Pilates, active, and orthopedic stretching also balance the method’s unique approach.

The precision-oriented technique focuses mainly on small, isolated movements within deeply held and challenging postures. This method is proven to increase metabolism, burn fat, and lengthen tight muscles. With commitment to the technique, you get recognizable results exactly where you want them.  

Our barre classes are designed to take classic barre moves and amp them up with power, precision and focused intensity.  It deeply connects the mind to the body and clients leave our barre classes feeling plugged in and calmly energized.

To get maximum results and to stay safe, our barre classes are taught with an emphasis on form. From the foundation up, a client works at her (or his) own maximum in order to achieve both mental and physical benefits from the first class.

tap 'n pow{h}er

 Our first FlaminGLOW event was a HUGE hit with our clients!  Watch for it to pop up on the schedule!

Our first FlaminGLOW event was a HUGE hit with our clients!  Watch for it to pop up on the schedule!

tap n’ pow{h}er®, a balance fusion class, is designed to shape, tone and elongate while delivered with messages of empowerment.

tap n’ pow{h}er is an extremely form focused method based on 25 years of dance research and experience, and over a decade of mind body fitness study, training, and master instruction.

Combining rotational, linear, isometric, range of motion and compound movement, tap n’ pow{h}er takes you on a challenging and empowering journey unlike any other.

The structure of tap n’ pow{h}er takes a thoughtful approach at building deep muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and alignment to women’s bodies.

Improving balance has vast benefits and aids in the body’s: neuromuscular strength, proprioception, and muscle isolation, hip and core stabilization, rehabilitation of muscles and joints, and enhanced caloric burning.

This class uses an interval-based safe yet challenging format to aid and promote muscle confusion to deliver fast and lasting results.