Our Flock Leaders

Our instructors each bring their own unique gifts, talents and personality to each class.  We are truly blessed by these incredible ladies who make up our Sand Barre team.  Our strengths and weaknesses have been woven together seamlessly.  Every one of us can't wait to get to the barre when it's our turn to teach!  We share a passion for all things fitness, health and YOU!  #weloveyourface


Audrey, Instructor & Co-Owner

As a self proclaimed "gym rat", no amount of work in the gym gave her the results she sought after until Audrey was introduced to Barre in 2012.  Within just a few weeks of classes at her local BarreAmped studio she started to notice the "long, lean muscles" she had always strived for in the gym, but couldn't achieve. Now, as an instructor, she is passionate about encouraging women to work hard at their fitness goals, yet continue to love their bodies during their fitness journey. 

Audrey moved from Nashville to Naples in 2015 and opened The Sand Barre in January 2016 with her sister, Brooke.  She's excited to continue this business adventure with her new partner, Erika, and is looking forward to The Sand Barre's future!

Audrey is advanced certified in all BarreAmped classes, tap 'n pow{h}er, and Buti Yoga.

When Audrey's not at the studio, she is most content spending time with her husband, Chris, and four children - especially while soaking up some SWFL sunshine!

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Katherine, Instructor

The pursuit of optimal health, fitness, and a sound mind-body connection has been an important part of Katherine's life since her teenage years. Weight lifting, pilates, yoga, boxing, and other forms of fitness have helped her achieve goals during various times in her life, but nothing ever felt like the perfect fit. 

At The Sand Barre she found a method that would push her to go to beyond her boundaries not only physically, but mentally as well. She found herself focusing so intently on connecting her mind and body that she had completely forgotten about the stresses that were weighing her down. 

When the time was right, she jumped at the opportunity to train under Lori Winter, Audrey Curran, and Brooke Lackey to get barre certified by BarreAmped and she's never looked back since.

Since teaching barre she found her true fitness passion in Buti Yoga! She quickly became advanced certified in Buti Yoga and is our lead Buti Yoga instructor.

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Danielle, Instructor

Danielle, lovingly referred to as "Despicable Danielle" by our clients is, despite her flock-given nickname, one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Growing up in Michigan, Danielle always loved running and the great outdoors before she discovered Barre in 2010 shortly after having her second son. It was a less body-taxing workout that gave her amazing postpartum results. At the urging of one of her friends she tried out The Sand Barre and fell in love with the environment and variety of classes. Within three months she was teaching and earning her nickname. She's passionate about seeing other women reach their fitness goals through barre and the community at The Sand Barre.

Danielle has been married for 17 years and living in Florida for 11 of those years.  She is a mom to three boys, 10, 8, and 5 and they keep her on her toes!  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family outside or at the beach (especially her annual couples trip to the Keys), reading, trying new things in the kitchen, and spending time with her friends. Oh, and look out, she's a hugger!

Danielle is barre certified through BarreAmped and tap ‘pow{h}er certified through the pow{h}er method. 

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Erika, Instructor & Co-Owner

Erika grew up working out along side her mom who taught her the importance of fitness and healthy living by example. Friends have always come to Erika with questions on fitness and eating choices.

In 2008 she made the decision to attend Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC to further to expand her knowledge in holistic wellness. It was a life changing experience. For years Erika had dreamed of opening a studio combining health and fitness. When The Sand Barre opened its doors in January of 2016, she knew she had found home.  After a few months of loving classes she decided she wanted to teach thinking this would fulfill her desire to help others with their wellness goals.  

Teaching and getting to know the community of women at the studio filled a space in her heart she never realized was missing.  When the opportunity to purchase Brooke’s ownership in the studio was presented she felt like it was all God’s doing.  She and Audrey make an awesome team and are so excited for what’s in store for The Sand Barre’s future.   

When not at the studio you can find Erika at home with her husband Travis and their fur-baby, Reina.  She loves cooking with Travis, spending time with family and friends and getting out on the boat.   

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Kara, Instructor

Fitness, clean eating, and healthy living have been a passion for most of her life. She moved repeatedly growing up, and found running gave her an outlet amidst the chaos and new places.  Throughout college and her young adult life, she found a passion for personal training and helping others share her passion for fitness and clean living. Kara spent 9 years in Nashville before moving to Naples, and even though she had never taken barre, she quickly found a home at The Sand Barre. The methods and variety at The Sand Barre not only helped changed her body, it also challenged her physically. She's stronger, more flexible, and as a mother of two is the best version of herself. 

Kara is a busy flock-leader - she is a mother of two adorable kids, a full-time business consultant, and she also models for various clients around the world. When she's not globe-trotting, she enjoys reading, cooking, is dedicated to clean eating, and of course, loves spending time at the beach with her family. Her passion for fitness has only blossomed as she's become empowered by seeing clients discover their own strength and power. Our clients kindly refer to her as "Killer Kara," but you'll have to see for yourself. 

Kara is barre certified through BarreAmped.



Danielle Krivda, Instructor

Danielle, a.k.a. “Krivda” walked into The Sand Barre over a year ago and was instantly hooked. She was a mom of two busy boys looking for that workout that would provide her with the full body transformation she was longing for AND fit into her schedule. She’d be the first to tell you she is NOT an early morning person, but she now enjoys taking or teaching the “middle of the night” classes at 5:30am Monday -Friday.

Danielle has always enjoyed a group workout setting much better than a muscle-bound gym. She became a brown belt in Kyokushin Karate before the school closed in 2004. After working out at local gyms and even at home, she became frustrated that she wasn’t getting the results she was seeking. Since her first visit to The Sand Barre, she knew she had found the perfect fit. Danielle loved how encouraging and loving the instructors were - always pushing her harder and farther than she thought she could go. She now pours that love and encouragement into others as an instructor.

When Danielle’s not at the barre, she’s helping run her father’s concrete and masonry company as a Construction Manager, building many of the multi-million-dollar homes in Port Royal. She loves spending time with her husband and two boys (ages 10 & 8), especially outside and at the beach, working on creative projects at home, and singing and leading out her praise team at church.

Danielle is barre and tap ‘n pow{h}er certified through the pow{h}er method.


Katie, Instructor

Katie is a Naples native who actually hated working out until she found The Sand Barre. Katie loved the specific methods of barre because it reminded her of dance, a hobby she had pursued since she was little. Unlike other workouts she had tried, she found a deep connection with the barre method, the instructors, and the clients at this studio. You could find Katie at the studio almost every day and she was so excited when Brooke and Audrey approached her about becoming an instructor. Since Katie is a 2nd grade teacher she already had a passion for teaching and was excited to take her teaching skills to the studio. Katie is focused on encouraging and challenging other women to deepen their mind and body connection and to find genuine friendships in this flock.

Katie is barre certified through BarreAmped and Buti Yoga certified.