Our Flock Leaders

Our instructors each bring their own unique gifts, talents and personality to each class.  We are truly blessed by these incredible ladies who make up our Sand Barre team.  Our strengths and weaknesses have been woven together seamlessly.  Every one of us can't wait to get to the barre when it's our turn to teach!  We share a passion for all things fitness, health and YOU!  #weloveyourface


Brooke found her passion for barre after joining a testimonial group for the BarreAmped method's creator, Suzanne Bowen. She had some baby weight she wanted to lose and had been doing rec-center based group fit classes and running races often but not seeing results. She was accepted for the small testimonial group and had no idea it would change her life. She had never taken a barre class before and didn't even know what a barre was.  She lost 25 inches and 17 pounds in 3 months. She was blown away with how effective this method was compared to other methods as well as gained strength and flexibility that she never had before.

Brooke is married with two daughters, a giant Newfoundland and a little Shih tzu. 



Katie grew up in a suburb about an hour outside of Chicago, where she was always involved in some type of fitness.  Six years ago, a teaching job in Naples presented itself, so she decided to take a huge leap of faith, packed up what would fit in her Jeep, and moved to Florida on her own.  While in Florida, Katie found a love for yoga where she was first introduced to the importance of a mind-body connection. 

Feeing the urge to become involved in something bigger than herself, Katie was drawn to try the Sand Barre.  From the minute the music started, Katie was smitten with this method of fitness, and could feel a life-long bond growing.  She quickly became very passionate about barre, and was completely thrilled when Audrey and Brooke asked her to become barre certified by BarreAmped and become an instructor at The Sand Barre!  She has dropped inches while at the same time increased her confidence, and is excited to help others do the same. 

When she is not as the barre, Katie is spending time outdoors or with her first love, her fur baby Stanley.


Bio coming soon!

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Audrey was a self proclaimed "gym rat" until she was introduced to barre. No amount of work in the gym gave her the results she sought after.  After seeing her sister's success with barre, she started taking classes at her local BarreAmped studio and was hooked just as fast. Within just a couple weeks of classes she started to notice the "long, lean muscles" she had always strived for in the gym, but couldn't achieve. Now, as an instructor, she is passionate about encouraging women to work hard at their fitness goals, yet continue to love their bodies during their fitness journey. 

When Audrey's not at the studio, she is most content spending time with her husband and four children - especially while soaking up some SWFL sunshine!




Fitness and health have always been a passion for Kara! She has always led a very active lifestyle and loves changing things up in her workout routine. When she discovered barre, and specifically The Sand Barre, Kara knew she had found something unique. A lifelong runner and mother of two, Kara instantly fell in love with BarreAmped because of how the method has changed her body while also challenging her physically. She's stronger, more flexible, and has more core strength than she's ever had before. Kara is empowered by helping others and loves seeing clients discover their own strength and power, which has been an incredible addition to her own fitness journey.

Someone who truly thrives on being busy, Kara is a full-time business consultant, enjoys reading, cooking, is dedicated to clean eating, and of course, loves spending time at the beach with her family.


Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!


The pursuit of optimal health, fitness, and a sound mind-body connection has been an important part of Katherine's life since her teenage years. Weight lifting, pilates, yoga, boxing, and other forms of fitness have helped her achieve goals during various times in her life, but nothing ever felt like the perfect fit. 

At The Sand Barre she found a method that would push her to go to beyond her boundaries not only physically, but mentally as well. She found herself focusing so intently on connecting her mind and body that she had completely forgotten about the stresses that were weighing her down. 

When the time was right, she jumped at the opportunity to train under Lori Winter, Audrey Curran, and Brooke Lackey to get barre certified by BarreAmped and she's never looked back since.



Health and fitness has always been a priority for Linda. Growing up, she took dance lessons in ballet, tap and jazz until the age of 18. Over the years, Linda has pursued being active and was continuously drawn to a healthy lifestyle. She took up running as a personal challenge for herself and as a way to de-stress and feel strong. She ran three half marathons and fell in love with kickboxing. She moved from New Jersey to Naples last summer with her husband and two children. She was looking to try something new and The Sand Barre and all it offers, proved to be just the right fit. After her first class, she knew the BarreAmped method and the uplifting environment was just what she needed.

She feels that we should all try new things on life’s journey and helping others to do the same is very rewarding. When Linda is not at the studio, she is the sitting CEO of her family, loves spending time with them, being outdoors and rooting for her favorite sports teams!