Introducing Our Newest Method - BOUNCE!

Skip the traditional work-out and come Bounce with us on the best in class bellicon Rebounders!


Bouncing on the bellicon Rebounder

The Sand Barre is the first fitness studio in southwest Florida utilizing the world's highest quality mini-trampolines: the bellicon. The bellicon experience is like no other – the ultra-elastic bungees are low-impact, meaning you won't feel the aftermath of what running on a treadmill would do to your joints once you've completed your work out. Driven by great music, you will burn tons of calories, build up your endurance, tone your entire body AND you'll have fun every minute. New to rebounding? Don't worry – our Bounce classes are for everyone! (First timers, scroll down for more information on what to expect.)


Barre + Bounce

Barre + Bounce is a combo class that brings together the benefits of barre work and rebounding. In this class you will circuit between barre exercises using the bellicon T-bar and bounce cardio.

Choreo Bounce

Choreo Bounce will challenge your MIND and body as you will learn simple bounce choreography set to the beat of the music that builds throughout class.  You'll start at a much slower tempo (low BPM) and slowly increase the tempo as you become comfortable with the routine.  By the end of class you'll be bouncing like a rock star with everyone else in class - it's such a blast!  (Weights, strength and focused core work are integrated throughout class as well.)

The bounce choreography changes monthly.  A new routine will be introduced the first of the month.  But don't worry - you can jump in at anytime!  The class ALWAYS starts simple and builds throughout the class every time.  

HIIT Bounce

HIIT Bounce is all in the name! High Intensity Interval Training on the bellicon mini trampolines! This class challenges strength, stability, endurance, speed, and coordination utilizing HIIT through every minute of class!



Get ready for a high adrenaline, low impact, trampoline fitness class that will leave you feeling happy and energized!  The tone is set to upbeat, fun music as you work through Bounce cardio sequences that will challenge your mind and body.   Bounce incorporates strength training and balancing work all while strengthening your core throughout class.  

Bring water and hand towel - plan to sweat and have a BLAST!  

Gentle Bounce

Gentle Bounce has been created for all levels of bouncers as a rejuvenating, balanced workout.  Take a deep breath and relieve stress with this easy going workout.  The goal of this class is to relax, strengthen core, and gain flexibility while burning some calories away! **Especially ideal for seniors, beginners and prenatal clients.**

First Timers - Preparing for Your First Bounce Class:

The GOOD NEWS is if you’re new to Bounce you are not alone! Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins. Bring a water bottle, hand towel and grippy socks (also sold at the studio or you can go barefoot). Our friendly front desk staff will welcome you in and show you around the space. Your instructor will help you choose a bellicon and make sure you have what you need and feel comfortable before the start of class. Please note our classes start on time and for the safety of our clients and to ensure the best client experience we do not allow later comers to class. Please see our FAQ’s (under “Information” tab”) for additional information.