From day one at The Sand Barre, Jessica made her mark. It wasn’t intentional on her part. It’s just who she is. Her smile. Her (AMAZING) hair! Her attitude. Her spunk. Her fire. She is unashamedly “Jessica”, and we LOVE her for it. We hope you get chance to get to know her if you don’t already. She has a way of naturally encouraging others and lifting your spirit. The Sand Barre is lucky to have so many incredible women at our studio, and Jessica is an example of what it truly looks like to be a member of the flock. We love her face so much!

We love that Jessica took the time to answer some interview questions. Continue reading to learn more about our featured flamingo!

How long have you lived in Naples and where did you live before?

I have lived here for 10 months, and before that Minnesota! I grew up in MN- I’m a Midwest girl!

How did you hear about The Sand Barre?

Danielle Slade’s son and my son were in the same class at school. I loved her sweet spirit and passion for fitness. I was in the process of getting group fitness certified, and I wanted to check out barre...I fell in love with the humbling workouts and inviting atmosphere at The Sand Barre

What sets us apart from other fitness studios or gyms you've tried?

The atmosphere at TSB is so different than many gyms or studios. It’s naturally loving, and instant friends are made. The instructors make you want to push harder while also making you smile through the shake/burn. That’s the kind of leader/instructor I want to be.

We know what you do for fun (Sand Barre, ha!) what do you do for work?

I am a full time online health coach, and full time single mom to Isaiah (6) and Kira (2)

But seriously...what ELSE do you do for fun when you're not at The Sand Barre?

I love running, cycling! My favorite activities are bike rides with my kiddos, swimming, movies and anything that makes me laugh.

What's your favorite class at The Sand Barre?

I love Classic Barre. I have never been so challenged. I have a lot of endurance and have played soccer from a young age through college and then after as well. However, the little movements in that class, as well as the shake that comes and then holding it is so humbling for someone who has always been athletic. I love that it’s making me stronger and pushing me further.

Which exercise at The Sand Barre makes you want to throw your playground ball at the instructor?

Do I have to pick just one??;). I’d say planks with alternating knees...that’s just killer.

What keeps you motivated to stay focused on your health and fitness goals?

My family health history isn’t great. I want to change that. I want to be around for my kids. I want to play with them and be a great example to them with being active.

What do you say to the person who stalks our social media but is afraid to come take their first class?

It will challenge you yes, but I've learned that consistently pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone is what produces the most growth in my life and in fitness. You can’t change by staying still. TSB is a safe and inviting place to come, learn, and get better with others. Give it a try!

We like food. Tell us your favorite restaurant in Naples:

My favorite place to eat out is Rocco’s Tacos!

What song makes you want to turn the volume up, roll the windows down and sing your heart out?

Broken and Beautiful- Kelly Clarkson

If you compare yourself to a real flamingo - in what way are you the same or very different?

I am different in the sense that I am not very tall, and don’t have the longest legs, but I am the same in the sense that I am also bright, and have a vibrant personality that can cause me to stand out among others.