The Sand Barre instructor, Kara Down (also known as “Killer Kara”), challenges men to come take a barre class with her. She’s very persuasive…hear what she has to say. Then sign up for your first FREE class next week to experience it for yourself. No excuses. See you at the barre!

Listen up, dudes. Maybe you’ve heard of barre, maybe you haven’t, but if you have, chances are you think it’s some ballet class for women. Well, besides the fact barre isn’t just for women, it’s a total body workout that offers many benefits you won’t get in other classes, running, or by pumping iron in a gym. So before you brush it off like a bad hair day as an "easy" workout or a "guy-free zone", why don’t you give it a go and get in on the leg-shaking, butt-lifting action. For those in need of convincing, we are here to bust the most common misconceptions men might have. Ready, mister?


If the idea of doing a barre class rouses images of tight pants and Broadway-like moves, stop right there. It’s quite likely dance is not your forte, but literally no experience is necessary to do any of our classes. Once you learn the basics you’ll quickly learn it’s not at all about ballet or even dancing, not that there is anything wrong with either of those!  After all, um, Arnold Schwarzenegger…


Besides a room full of gorgeous women… and men…barre delivers classes unlike your standard gym session because every class is a balanced, full-body workout. Many gym-goers don’t tend to train their legs (hello, top-heavy types) but at the barre, every day is a leg, arm, butt, and core day. Guys will see stronger legs, tighter abs, more flexibility, relief from back pain, stability in their knees, a better functioning core, and if you’re an athlete, amazing sports conditioning. You will break a sweat and feel the burn in places you didn’t even know you had!


They may not look like much, but little movements go a long way at the barre. Barre classes pinpoint all the smaller, less used muscles in the body, so don’t be surprised by the micro movements. You may not be lifting mass amounts over your head but the smallest bend, stretch, lift, and lower will definitely deliver a serious burn! And just wait and see how pleasantly sore (and less clumsy) you’ll be after only a handful of classes.


Don’t let little pretty little light weights fool you. Controlled, repetitive, isometric movements will get those muscles firing in no time. Our classes focus on creating and releasing resistance to allow the muscles to fire and fatigue quicker. It’s not about how strong you are (or think you are) before trying barre, but rather the consistency and repetition of movement. Great, you did it 50 times, now, let’s do it another 100 more!


The benefits of stretching are endless! I know, I know, but none of us have TIME… But, the more you train and work your body, the more stretching it requires to function optimally and injury free. Barre classes can complement any workout regime and be an excellent supplement to keeping you more mobile and protect the tiny muscles around important joints like your knees. Even in your day-to-day activity, you’ll notice the difference regular stretching makes, especially if you work at a desk or computer.


Yes, the majority of our clients are women but, we do have quite a few lucky men who enjoy all the benefits barre has to offer. You will be more concerned about all the shaking, sweating, and burning you’ll be experiencing rather than the lovely lady next to you. Give it a try, you might just leave a little more humbled and happy that you did.

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Ok, men, click the link below to sign up for your first FREE class at the Sand Barre!