Monkey Barre is what we lovingly call our child care service!  We are happy to offer child care throughout the week at different times (check the schedule to see when it is offered) to give moms a well-deserved break while their little one plays in the next room in a safe & fun environment.  


Space is limited and reservations are required.  If there are no children signed up two hours prior to class the service will not be offered.  Maximum 2 children per adult.  Two hour cancelation required - late cancels for any reason less than two hours will be charged $10 late cancel fee or lose their drop-in.

Monkey Barre Pricing:

$10 Drop-In (per child)

Monkey Barre Unlimited Pass (Auto-Pay):  $100/Month (One Child) or $150/Month (Two Children).  Monkey Barre Passes are available to MEMBERS ONLY and are set on a monthly auto-draft that can be canceled on-line at anytime.


  1. First sign up for Monkey Barre to hold your spot as space is limited. To sign up your child you will sign YOURSELF up for Monkey Barre using which ever Monkey Barre pricing option you choose. If you are registering two children you will sign YOURSELF up twice for Monkey Barre. **The only way to reserve two spots in one Monkey Barre class is by scheduling through your desktop computer (not on your phone) or by asking our front desk to sign both of your children up for you in advance.**

  2. After you have signed yourself up for Monkey Barre then you can sign yourself up for your class you will be taking.

important details to know:

  • AGES 9 MONTHS TO 9 YEARS OLD ONLY. Unfortunately older children will not be allowed to wait in the waiting area.

  • Do NOT bring your sick child.

  • Our babysitters do not change diapers or bring children to the restroom. If your child requires a diaper change while in Monkey Barre the babysitter will come get the mother to attend to the child. If your child is in the middle of potty training we suggest putting a pull-up on while in Monkey Barre or the babysitter will come get the mother out of class if the child needs to use the restroom. Please take your potty trained children to the bathroom before Monkey Barre to limit disruptions during class as much as possible.

  • No snacks - water only in labeled sippy cup.

  • Maximum 2 children per adult (email for special circumstances)

  • Parent must remain in the studio while child is with babysitter.

  • If child is inconsolable for more than 15 minutes, we will get mom out of class to tend to child.