Sisters first.  Co-owners second.  This is their story.

Audrey and Brooke took a crazy leap of FAITH and left their homes in Music City, Nashville, TN as they embarked on a journey to Naples, FL!  When Audrey's husband was offered a job with a company in Naples, Brooke immediately saw it as an opportunity for both of their families to  adventure out together to Southwest Florida and open a barre fitness studio.  Just like that Audrey's husband accepted the job, they sold their beloved home, packed up their four kids and headed to the deep south!   Within months Brooke's family followed suit as her husband was able to transfer to Naples with his company, she tied up loose ends with her real estate company, sold their home and packed up their two girls with a knot in their stomachs and a dream in their hands!

Audrey and Brooke knew Naples women would love barre classes - what they didn't know is how quickly they would fall in love with Naples...especially the incredible women they have had the privilege to know through the studio!

Since opening in January 2016, they have added several new, incredible instructors and additional classes and and new methods to the schedule.  They are always listening to their client's input on classes they'd like to see added to the schedule in the future and can't wait to see what's in store for The Sand Barre this year!