Find your flock here!


Located in the new Meridian center on the corner of Pine Ridge & Livingston Roads.  The front of our studio faces Pine Ridge. We are on the second floor - drive around to the rear of the building where there is plenty of parking and stairs or elevator that will take you up to our studio.   "The Sand Barre" should pull up in your navigation on your phone or car navigation.

Contact Information:

Our studio is only open while classes are in session.  The best way to reach us for general information, help scheduling classes, or questions about registering is by emailing or by using the form below.  We have a quick response time, and make it a priority to respond promptly.  You can also call the studio (239-572-8189) - you can catch us before and after class times.   If you miss us, please feel free to leave a voicemail! 

If you need to speak with one of the owners, Erika or Audrey, regarding any urgent matters, you can call or text them:  Erika's cell #239-784-5755,  Audrey's cell #615-477-8484.


Here's an easy way to contact us  - just fill out this form and drop us a note!